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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hiatus Ended- Winnipeg-Kisses and Disses

View from what they call "the Forks"

I think the should rethink the name "Red River" it was pretty brown
New Family Members

It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything, not for lack of wanting too but life has been crazy busy lately. Thankfully Kelly and I are going to be at home for the next month and a half straight and wont be taking any side trips. This month I went to a place I never thought I would ever visit. A place I never really pictured before but that made me giggle whenever I said it's name. This was Winnipeg. I feel I really need to defend this city in the middle of Canada. I was expecting a very dirty, small, city that I would never again feel the need to visit. This was not the case at all. It was historic, picturesque even. The shopping there was great and the people very friendly. The pace was slower compared even to other prarie cities yet the downtown had a lot of life, culture and beautiful buildings. It would be a perfect city for some cool photoshoots. Withing a few blocks you will find setting for grungy photos, and pretty historic looking photos. All in all I loved it. I would have loved it more if Kel and I had realized it was 8 hours away and not 4.5 like we thought when we set out but we had 2 ipods and lots of taquitos to keep us going. I was actually so excited to go across the Manitoba border, that when we saw the sign (it was dark which made it a little less embarrassing) I made Kelly stop the car so that I could jump over the imaginary line. I know that of all the places to visit Manitoba is not high on people's lists, but it was still a place I am glad i have been too...
which brings me to this weeks Kisses and Disses..

* Getting to know new members of my family
* Leather coats
* Board Games ( have you tried the new game Funglish?)
* Getting our plans underway

* The distances involved in visiting people when you live on the praries
* The seasons deciding to skip summer
*Being too busy to blog/ work on photography


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preview Ethan and Ebony- Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I just loved this image too much to not share it early. Stay tuned for more pictures from our Edmonton Wedding last weekend and congrats you two! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

My New Fav

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Right in the Kisser

I don't know if this makes me a terrible person, but when I watched the Amazing Race Premiere this made me laugh so hard I started crying. Poor girl I don't know how that didn't break her nose.. ohman..priceless lol.

Monday, October 4, 2010

C.C -"Engagement Photography"

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book by Nicholas Sparks? Pretty sure every women out there has (and most men although maybe not because they wanted too). One thing that I love about his novels is the location. I have been to New England but never down the coast to the Carolinas etc.. Whenever you see his films though there is something special about the grey ocean, the wild looking beaches full of long grass, and the love story that takes place there. We happen to live no where near the ocean but I wanted to attempt that same feel with Chris and Christine on their photoshoot today. They are getting married in a few months and we are so excited for them. Congratulations guys!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kisses and Disses- Of Mice and Men

Fears are something I am always trying to conquer. I hate being afraid of things. Before I started to travel I had a huge fear of bugs of any shape or size. A minute spider would have me running into the adjacent room. After living in DR for a few months I forced myself to deal with this problem, and even get to the point where I could stare at a spider or, if need be, dispose of it. I am afraid to say though that I have discovered that there is one fear I just cannot beat, and that is getting progressively worse. You would think this would be disease or heights something a little more rational, but no my fear is of Mice. My reasoning is .. I have had bad experiences.

When I was little one of the houses we lived in had some mice problems. Maybe it was the fear I saw mice invoke in family members as they tore around the house and then under the piano that did it to me. Or finding their nests in our old sheds but somehow the fear got into me. Over the years I haven't really had to face this fear due to always having a cat at our house.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was trying to get a handle on my house by cleaning what had turned suddenly into a disaster comparable to Katrina in new orleans. I had just finished up and I went to grab a marker our of our drawer to check off that I finished my chores ( yes i need a white board to motivate me). When I opened the drawer something dark darted and then jumped towards me. Realizing that I was about to be attacked my a furry squirmy little monster.. I ran out the door with the phone and onto the street. Naturally I called Kel to come and save me. We managed to catch this scary creature. The very next day though I found another mouse lying in my kitchen.. it had already passed away. Of course I did my usual run out the door to the street move. After this I started carrying a bebe rifle with me from room to room in my house for protection. While in my office the next day... i saw remnants of another enemy.. i went to do my usual move when in the hallway by the door i saw another one.. he stared me down but I managed to escape. We now have gotten the problem under control but I swear my fears are worse. At the zoo by the hippos all of a sudden I was surrounded by mice making me not enjoy the hippos at all. I cant even go to a pet store and look at them behind glass without shivering. Kel is trying to convince me that they are cute but I have yet to figure out how to beat this fear...
This brings me to this weeks Kisses and Disses......

* Mice trying to ruin my calgary zoo experience
*Drug Cartels In Northern Mexico
*Houses that won't stay clean on their own

* Mouse Alarms, don't ask me what they are actually called but they work!
* The Amazing Race being back on the air
* Spending the next 2 weekends with family