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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bryan. Carla: Spiritwood Photographer

We ventured out for another snowy "WL" wedding a couple of weeks ago to the small town of spirit wood. I loved the elements of being in the country with the rolling hills of the border to the northern Saskatchewan area. The beautiful white birch trees and the massive amounts of frost crystalized on their branches made for very whimsical photos. The drawback was it was around -18 with a brutal windchill which at one time made me almost cry in pain while trying to push my shutter button (It took 20 mins in the car for the pain to leave my fingers) my bride was fearless though even offering to take her coat off to get the shot when need be.

All of the elements worked together to make a truly magical classic wedding. From the peacock feathers, the hair pieces, to the enormous hoop in her dress, I felt like was photographing the russian princess Anastasia. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos from the warmth of your homes.

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  1. Hey, just checking out the newest set of pics and was surprised to see an old friend, bryan getting snapped with his new gorgeous bride. great pictures whit. have fun on your trip.