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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

Renovating, unpacking, organizing, cleaning. Probably the most exciting words to talk about when your thinking of moving to a new place, but end up being the most hated words a few weeks into it. So instead of looking in my bedroom at the endless chores that need to be done, I am going to blog about some of the random thoughts I have had running through my mind lately. Probably to just kill time, and make me forget that I need to try to scrub the old grout in the bathroom some more. I'm just going pretend it should be that color for at least a couple more hours.

* Low Fat Yogurt, Low Fat Milk, 100 Calories tastes amazing and you feel great afterwards. I
have a new addiction to Pink Berry and have made some excuse to end up in west vancouver to get it at least once a week. I think Kel is on to me though.

* I have a bit of an obsession with the Himalayas and all countries surrounding them at the moment. I can feel a bit of the travel bug biting me and I think Kel is on board for this one. This photo is by a travel photographer whose work I have been really loving Colby Brown

* I have done almost every kind of sport using a board. Snowboarding, Wake, Surf, Skate....but this one takes the cake for craziest use of a board I have ever seen. Bull (surf) racing in Pakistan. Apparently it is just as dangerous to be in the crowd since the bulls are not trained and never make it to the finish line. They just veer off into the crowd eventually until the "jockey" falls off.

* Foster the Peoples "Pumped up Kicks" has been my running song lately..well i guess it has been my cleaning song too.

So that's that, Cheerio

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