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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Episode 7: Patagonia- Argentina Cont`d

Boogie, Boogie, Boogie, (ROBO BOOGIE)... this was the soundtrack of my life while we road tripped through patagonia in our rental car. Patagonia is a strange place. For hours and hours everything around you looks exactly the same just tundra like ground, the odd vicuna eating some brush and nothing as far as the eye can see. Then all of a sudden you hit the mountains. Within a couple of hours you can find yourself in the picture perfect town of Calafate, where the food and the wine is so good it almost makes you want to cry. Resembling Banff or Whistler make sure you stock up on items made from their very own Calafate berry. Only an hour from Calafate you will find Perrito Moreno. The largest Glacier outiside of Greenland and Antarctica. It is the only Glacier in the world that is continuously growing, and the thunderous sounds and creaks it constantly uses to threaten a piece falling off make it a great sight to see. We concluded our Patagonia trip with a 50km hike to the 3 lagoons at the base of Mt. Fitzroy. We did the trip in 1 day and my bum sure felt it the next day. It was hard to even stand when we made it back to town. I hope you all enjoy the film

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