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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Discombobulating Thursday

When I was 18 I ended up in New York on my way home from doing volunteer work in the Dominican Republic. The plans I had to stay with cousins in Pennsylvania fell through, and I knew no one ( or so I thought) on the eastern end of the U.S.A. My family is huge, I mean hundreds of cousins many of which I have never met. It is the kind of family where even if you are not really related but you have a great aunt in common you are still considered family ( we refer to ourselves as shirt-tail relatives). So my father phoned his father, who phoned his aunt, who called her sister in law who then phoned her grand children and low and behold I was picked up at JFK by the kindest most dear people in the world, who I instantly called aunty and uncle. They whisked me away and told me that their grand daughter and her friend from California were heading into NY today and if I would like to do some site seeing they would drop me off at the train. At this point I had not slept in 24 hours, but who passes up a chance to hang out in NY I mean really. So I jumped on a train with two girls I didn`t know, grabbed the first starbucks I had ever had ( yes I am from small town Canada) and just as before, they became family within minutes. The girl from California was one of those people you are just drawn to. She had an incredibly bubbly personality,and always used the word discombobulated. I never actually knew what the word meant, but whenever she said it I felt like that word seemed to just describe every situation so perfectly. I still don`t know if I ever use it in the right context but whenever I hear that word it reminds me of how crazy life can be, and how it`s the crazy things that alway`s end up so fun and worthwhile.

So hear are a few random thing`s I found on the internet that made me happy this week

Even if you don`t enjoy the taste of coffee, everyone loves the smell of it. Definitely putting these in my kitchen

I hate alarm clocks. They just frustrate me, and make me feel so happy when they stop and I can go back to sleep. My subconscious is sabotaging me. I think this is a perfect solution. It wakes you up gradually with light, just like the sunrise. Perfect for all us Canadians in the northern hemisphere experiencing the lack of sunlight.

Always a good thing to keep in mind when you see other people pursuing their dreams or who are accomplishing their goals.

I have had Paris on the brain lately. I desperately feel the need to go museum hopping.

Look`s like Captain Ahab`s whale is back!

The sun is shining, the bird`s are singing, have a great Thursday everyone
- Whit

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dog Day`s are still here.

A lot of people have mentioned that they want an update on Cuzco, my 6 month old Boxweiler puppy. Cuzco is the little part of our family that has the ability to make us so mad, and then melt you instantly with his little wrinkly face and big brown completely stereotypical puppy dog eyes. Lately he has started his teenage rebellion stage.. or terrible two`s i`m not sure where he is at in dog years. Whenever he is impatient he starts to grumble at you and then emitsa high pitched squeal that only Mariah Carey could ever rival.

We never had is tail chopped as a puppy, and as a result it is starting to resemble a lion`s. At the end there is about 2 inches of just hair not attached to the tail that I really want to back comb so that he really does look like a lion cub. For awhile there he was a bit obsessed with his own tail, as most dogs are. It actually got to the point where he pulled himself out of the room sideways by his own tail, looking at us completely confused by what was happening. He is a very socialized dog, and loves playing in the park. It is impossible to convince him to go into the ocean. The other dogs all run in after balls or sticks or eachother, and Cuzco will just sit on the bank and watch them as if they were all idiots.

We have created a bit of a monster. He is still trying to convince Kel to let him sit on his lap while driving. This no longer works since he is now tall enough to see over the dash on his own. Everytime we get in the jeep though he just assumes that is his position. Cuzco also had his first encounter with a horse on the trail`s last weekend. It went so well that he did not want to leave the horse`s side. He actually followed the horse happy as can down the opposite trail we were going on. Poor Kel had to try and convince him to come back. It took awhile.

All in all he is a fun pooch to have around. His strange idiosyncrasies like sleeping only on his back or side with his head propped up, make us love him even more.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mileydi Rojas- Entrepreneur Jewellery Creator

Mileydi Rojas- Doesn`t that name just scream classy. I suppose classy people do not scream, they elevate their voice ever so slightly, but you get the picture. I have written about my friend Mileydi before on this blog. She is a local Kel and I met while doing volunteer work in Nicaragua last year. She is an inspiring, beautiful, smart young woman who does not let anything hold her back.

Mileydi supports herself and her family, drives a motorcycle in stilettos to work, and can drive a vehicle (something most men in her country have no learnt how to do). Mileydi has been trying to find a way to support herself and her family without leaving her home, country, and family to be work in the U.S. One way she is trying to do this is by starting up a handmade jewellery company. It was a huge challenge to start up this business. I think we take for granted the ability to just use a credit card and start any account or website online that we want. She now has her jewellery available on her own personal business page on Etsy. I am so proud of her for sticking with this idea, and really hope all the best for her.

Please support her by visiting her site and taking a look around at all of her little creations.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whitney Lane Photography has gone LIVE

``You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore``
- Christopher Columbus

So excited yet incredibly nervous I moved my mouse to hover over the button marked `publish` and held my breath. Photography is something I have been working at for 3.5 years. It started out with an ida when my life was in a whirl, and has grown to be a huge part of my life.

The past 3 years have been full of things I never expected. I never expected to second shoot with Carmen Adams of Fresh Photography. I never expected to meet and marry my bestfriend Kel. I also never expected to travel through 11 more countries, and move across Canada twice. I am so thankful though, that the unexpected happened. Everything has turned out so much better then what I could have ever dreamt up.

All of these opportunities have helped me grow as a photographer. Living in Saskatoon I had the chance to take some weddings on, but being newly married and travelling so much held my business back.

Now that we are living in North Vancouver, I am taking the plunge and pursuing photography as my full time career. Thanks for stopping by the blog and please check out our new site at whitneylanephotography.com also follow us on facebook


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mellville Saskatchewan Wedding- Jaie & Rhea

`` So are you going to marry her?`` I looked over at Jaie in our little hostel in the jungle of northern Argentina. The night was humid and the silence was only broken by a sound so loud and strange you could never imagine it was the call of a giant Cicada bug. Jaie looked back at me and replied ``Yes I have it all planned out``.

And planned out he did. Jaie and Rhea are `two peas in a pod`. Jaie is a hardworking former farm boy who has travelled through the `down under`, and who road-tripped from the north to south of Argentina with us.

Rhea is a small town girl who is always up for an adventure. She has the ability to be beautiful and awesome ( yes boys she dirtbikes, wakeboards, and snowboards) making her a perfect little package.
The wedding day was full of Rhea`s infectious smiles and laugh, and Jaie`s look of `I am so in love with this girl`. Two beautiful families= one unforgettable wedding day.
Congratulations you two
- WL

Kel`s view of the groom

Oh Rhea...sooo pretty

You two make me really love my job

To see more from Jaie and Rhea`s Wedding day click HERE

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crave my Photography- Giveaway!

Crave my Photography is a site I have been following for awhile now and they are giving away an 85mm canon 1.2 lens! So here is a shout out to them and I hope I get a chance to win!