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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Beautiful Wednesday

Yesterday was all doom, gloom and rain. Made you not want to get out of bed. Today surprisingly though is one of those days that makes you think we skipped the rest of winter and have arrived at May or June. The sun is out the ocean is glistening, and the birds are singing. All of this and we are surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountain peaks. I love Vancouver in the sunshine.

Here are a few other things I found online this week that I love..

So true. You could add on being married doesn`t give you the right either.

I am planning on starting my very first vegetable garden, possibly even today.

Polyvore.com is going to become my new addiction

This is a guilty pleasure of mine that makes me just a little bit happy :P

Have a great Wednesday everyone out there in cyber world

Monday, February 20, 2012

1920`s Speakeasy

``Imagine Paris in the 20`s in the rain`` -midnight in paris

It did feel like we had transported back in time and arrived in the 1920`s. We were not in Paris but there was the chance of rain in the air, as there often is in Vancouver. As sailors dressed in white, and girl`s in flapper dresses arrived you really did get the feeling like you had gone back into a classier, much more stylish time. Here are a few memories from the photobooth we set up to try and capture a 1920`s feel and memento.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


February is here, full of teasers of spring time. The weather keeps flipping back and forth between sunny, rainy, and overcast which is making me unsure of what kind of mood I want to be in. This seems to be a year of travel for a lot of people. Kel and I just dropped off good friends at the airport on their way to Thailand this morning. We also know of others travelling to DR, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, and England this month. Travel is definitely one of our passions but is not going to be happening for a little while. Instead I will be living vicariously through them and all of there awesome travel photos. One Filmographer, and Photographer that I love living through Is Andre Dupuis, and Scott Wilson best known from there tv show Departures. Well they are back this month on February 19 with a new show called Descending. I love seeing the work Andre Dupuis. The way he looks at the world inspires me so much. Also if your feeling bit by the travel bug check out the new season of Amazing Race coming out at the end of Feb also. Hopefully these shows will help me fight off the travel blues.

Here is a sneak peak and the new show Descending.

Descending - Series Teaser from Echo Bay Media on Vimeo.