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Monday, April 30, 2012

Vancouver Family Photographer Teaser

Stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful family amongst the cherry blossoms of Vancouver.
  Fr_Family_online-1Fr_Family_online-2 Fr_Family_online-3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Styled Shoot: Happily Ever After

The sun lit up the rainforest, and made it sparkle through the evergreen tree's. We we're inspired to enter the rainforest in Deep Cove North Vancouver and shoot a little red riding hood/ snow white inspired styled bridal shoot. Complete with red velvet cupcakes surrounded in white lace. Cake pop's with gold leafing, and candy apple's with a natural feel. We felt we had emerged at a magical spread of deliciousness set up in the forest. Our model was dressed in white chiffon, and a red silk cape adding the whimsical feel of the forest.
Special thanks too
Maderas Enterprises Ltd.: Production
Kaylee Cassavant: Model
Dulce de Vida: Styling
Belinda Castillo/ Kel Arnett: Assistants
Whitney Lane: Photography

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Devon + Erin : Calgary Engagement Shoot

The forecast says rain? I shut my computer and looked at it as if it`s prediction had been of it`s own doing, and not just because of Calgary`s famous weather changes. Sitting in our little hotel room in Banff, in the then 17 degree sunny weather, I e-mailed Erin and wrapped my head around a rainy day inspired engagement shoot. Being  a good sport like Erin always is she got excited about a cute pink polka dot umbrella Devon had bought her  (awe).

We arrived in Calgary the next morning and although overcast and a bit brisk,it had not rained yet. Since I had prepared for rain I challenged it to rain and was actually looking forward to the 10mm of rain that had been predicted. It did rain....then it poured... and 2.5 hours later when we drove home we were right in the middle of 8 inches of snow. It was a  blizzard! I have to give props to our cute couple because they were literally soaked through, and freezing by the end. You know that feeling when your are so wet and cold that you can walk through a puddle that is past your ankle and not even notice or care? That`s about where we were. I also must say I love my husband and business partner Kel. He carried all my gear, kept me going, and more importantly kept the camera equipment working! In the end the shoot turned out a little magical. We were inspired by Nicholas Sparks to begin with, and I think we had a few `Notebook` moments ( what girl has not wanted to kiss while completely soaked through in the rain). Here are a few of the shots of Devon and Erin keeping each other warm in Calgary. Can`t wait for your big day guy`s and Congratulations. DE_Eng_online-9blog DE_Eng_online-11blog DE_Eng_online-7blog blogcollagede DE_Eng_online-5blog DE_Eng_online-6blogblogde Devon`s Ryan Gosling esque moment DE_Eng_online-14blog DE_Eng_online-17 blog

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wonderful Whistler

Blinded, sore, exhausted, cold, wet, but completely and utterly happy. Only snowboarding at whistler, can things you would normally equate with being miserable, cause you to feel like you are on cloud 9. Kelly, our friend Alex, and I had been planning on a day up at whistler for months. Being the stubborn one and wanting picture perfect weather, I wanted us to wait for a perfect sunny day before we went. It was the first time for all of us to board this world renown ski hill, and it did not disappoint.

The weather did not co-operate with me at all. It was snowing incredibly hard, and the visibility was so bad that I could not see a foot in front of me. Although terrible for photos, the powder made for an epic day of boarding, and made me never want to go to any other hill other then whistler, blackcomb again. The snow did let up down towards the bottom of the hill which allowed me to bring out my faithful old canon rebel and take a few shots of our fun filled exhausting day.

whistler (2 of 13)
`` The three crazies battling it out with the snow``

whistler (1 of 13)

whistler (3 of 13)

whistler (4 of 13)
``The husband``

whistler (6 of 13)

This was Alex`s first major year of boarding... his guts kicked mine`s butt

whistler (7 of 13)
My attempt at being awesome.. which really failed to impress

whistler (8 of 13)

Get to check that off of the list

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I just need to stop and say that I LOVE the Sea to Sky Highway. It is my favorite drive. I stop the car at least 5 times whenever we are on it.
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Have a good one people`s