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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wake up and smell the routine

Sometimes I think I am an anomaly. I have this need to be organized and I love, to some extent, routine in my life. Yet when I try to implement it on a regular basis I usually come out unsuccessful. Deep down I aspire to be the next Mrs. Brady with a dash of Martha Stewart. I work at being organized, love to cook, and I do like a clean house. Although I aspire to this sort of domestic greatness, I get distracted way to easily. I am someone always looking for adventure or knowledge. I can get lost learning about an ancient culture, deciding to learn a new language, or figuring out the best way to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I know this is probably because I have been spoiled by the amount of adventures I have had in my life. The stories I have told my mother already make her cringe, and those were the ones that I felt were safe enough to tell her. For some reason those kinds of situations are in a way my comfort zone. I know who I am and I know what I am capable of when I am in wild places. Where I break down and feel like a failure is in the everyday life. I make to do lists that makes the Constitution look like a post it note. The truth is when things are strange and unfamiliar, the challenge makes me feel, well, like me. It's the ordinary life that I feel strangely inadequately made for. A friend of mine told me that it takes two weeks to make something routine. So that is my new goal. I am taking each domestic goddess activity and working hard at each for two weeks in an attempt to feel a little more like Mrs. Brady and a little less like Indiana Jones wannabe girlfriend.

My view across the road. I think I love Deep Cove the most on an eerie rainy day


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alberta Wedding: Devon + Erin

     Cool, Calm, and collected. That is the perfect way to describe Erin on her big day. Despite the threat of thunderstorms, and maybe even a blizzard in June, she was happy, positive, and helping her bridesmaids with their hair, and dresses.You can tell this group of girls are close. One thing they all had in common was that Erin had touched each of their lives and they all counted her as a best friend.

 Devon was nervously excited for the day and was dressed and ready to go when we arrived. The looks he gave Erin all day made my heart melt a little. It was just way too cute. You can tell they are best friends with how they act. Devon is constantly making Erin laugh whole heartedly, which then always seems to become contagious when your with Erin.

Through the ceremony, and later the reception speeches, they expressed how much they loved each others sense of adventure. There memories were something they cherished and couldn't wait to make more of.

Thanks so much for inviting us to come and capture this day for you guys. Despite all the threats of weather the day really did turn out perfect. We know you guys will have such an exciting and love filled future together. d.eblog-5 d.e.blog1 d.eblog-6 Oh Erin......
  Devon & Erin opted to see each other before the ceremony. This gave us the chance to do a 'First Look' and catch these great expressions. d.eblog-8 All bride's hope to the the 'low whistle' of approval (wink) d d d.eblog-11 d.eblog-10 d.eblog-9 Erin & her dad shared an emotional moment just before walking down the aisle d.eblog-12 d.eblog-13 d.eblog-14 d d.eblog-15 d.eblog-16 And I will leave it here with the two newly weds dancing the night away with there bridal party/best friends. d.eblog-17
To see more of Erin & Devon`s wedding press play on the slideshow below or open it HERE.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cherry Blossoms.Vancouver Family Photographer

 Zoraida, Dianara, and Talyza. With names like this you expect foreign princesses to be arriving with gifts of spices from some far off  palace. They don't disappoint the women in this family are in a word 'gorgeous' I loved photographing them.

The goal of the day was Cherry Blossoms. We had been attempting to do this family session amongst the awesome cherry blossoms in Vancouver. We cut it pretty close to the end of the season due to weather and scheduling .In the end we found some of the last blossoming trees at Queen Elizabeth Park. If you have never wandered through them you are truly missing out. A beautiful park with a beautiful family, what a great way to spend the afternoon. 

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One beautiful Mother
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