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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Musings: On Sequins and JLO

     I am definitely the definition of a tom-boy. I grew up raising cows, butchering chickens ( gasp) driving snowmobiles, and riding horses. That really is just one side of me though. The other half is EX-tremely girlie. I love makeup, hair, clothes, and get way to emotionally invested in reality shows, they must be in love it's called REALITY

     These two sides of me are constantly at war with each other. I am always trying to figure out what is important to me, on any given day. Both sides came to fisticuffs a couple of days ago in the mall and girlie won out. I have ventured past this store dozens of times always drawn to this gold V backed sequin dress. I would linger, considering whether or not to go in, when my other side would give me an internal slap. "Sequins realllyyy! What is this Texas? Am I trying to be besties with Dolly Parton!! Where would I ever wear that?"
     Finally though while eating a burger with Kel at the food court, I had this crazy impulse to get to that store and try on that dress. I hoped it would help me realize how ridiculous I looked, and felt in it and all the drama would go away. Funny thing though, I put it on and it felt and looked like liquid gold. No really I felt like JLo meets Beyonce. Like I actually had for the first time enough curves to " Back it up like a tonka truck....dale ( or Dolly :P). I put the dress back but I still can't quite let it go. It might just end up as my special date night dress someday. 

Here are a few other things that have made me ridiculously happy or frustrated lately

* Beaver Tails : I first found these in Banff and more recently here in Vancouver. If your Canadian and haven't had one yet GET ON IT. For a few split seconds I felt like it had changed my life..although this pinterest pic really doesn't give it justice.

Source: via Whitney Lane on Pinterest

* Jango: Now all of you in the US have been spoiled with Pandora. I used to use Pandora until we had the frustrating message that our IP address is outside of the USA. But now I have discovered Jango and my days are full of wonderful new music which keeps me dancing while I work.

* Golden Sequins: Obviously make me feel like a rockstar

* Iced Coffee:  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it works like a charm

- Frustrated by:

-Parking Tickets!: Deep Cove is so busy in the summer that finding parking by our house is virtually impossible and the Policia ( well i guess there not actually police) keep ticketing us.

- Sad news on the news :(

- How much I suck at Dance Dance Revolution ( I totally got schooled by my 25 year old 6'5 white boy of a cousin... guess i'm no Jlo)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Itemizing my life: The Ring

     Summer often climaxes with a whirlwind rush of company, which I love. This also signifies me running around like a crazy person trying to get the house in order. I always seem to miss the spring cleaning memo. While in the middle of my cleaning/organizing binge I reached into one of my  drawers and felt something familiar. I love it when you find something that instantly transports you and makes you smile. This simple little flower ring all black and sparkly was a gift from someone I miss with all my heart. 

     I have gone to Nicaragua twice to do self supporting missionary work over the years and always to the same little town. Irma is a vivacious, bubbly, and always happy girl I have watched grow from teenager to young woman. When we first met she was only 15 and even though her english was little and my spanish was nil, we just knew we were friends instantly. This last time I was in Nica before I left she gave me this little ring. She told me it had been given to her by her grandmother in America. I was so touched but could not even consider taking something so special from her. She insisted saying she had already told her family and that it was important to her that I have it. This blew me away. She who lives in a country that we all consider developing and who very much lives like a local Nicaraguan felt that she wanted to give me something special. I learnt such a lesson in friendship, compassion and selflessness from her. She is my  pseudo adopted little sister and will always be Kel and I's family. Love you Irma and I hope we can visit again soon.

We have moved and simplified the things we have owned so much over the years that I have really only kept things that have a memory or story attached to it. This includes jewellery, clothes, and art. When it comes to re- prioritizing what I own there are still some things I can't bear to let go of.

This was taken around the last time I saw Irma

Such a cute ring

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Random Kind Of Monday

           I was doing my blog reading this morning and came across one of my favourite creative minds Promise Tangeman. A graphic designer I love the way she takes in art as a graphic designer and inspires me to look at my business and photography in a different way. Today she has a post up about some random facts in her life and has asked others to do the same this morning so here are some random facts about me.

* I grew up in the great white north. And when i say white I mean quite literally -40 in the winter and snow out the wazoo.

* I have actually been much more music oriented in my life then art oriented. I attempt to play piano, guitar, drums ( rarely) and I used to sing quite a bit.. now just for Cuzco.

* I only saw my husband 7 times before we were married

* I love visiting cities but hate living in them

* I love girlie things but give a lot of them up so I can afford to travel

* I am waaaayy to emotional

* I feel secretly too cool for school when I am driving around in my Jeep

*  I have an obsession with climbing or at least visiting the biggest mountains. Although I always feel like I regret my decision half way through the hike.

* I am the typical girl who loves horses but I never grew out of it.

* I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was little

* Volunteer work is most of my life.. and I love it!

* I have always been more Sporty then Posh...although I wish I could have pulled off  Posh

* My goal is to be always as positive and happy as my husband.. it`s like he drinks happy juice every morning.

* I have been an inch away from a wild bear..his face still haunts me

* I love learning whether it is a skill, history etc.. I hate not knowing things.

I will stop here and let all of you out there in cyber world create your own random lists. Post your links either here or on Promises site so others can check you out.

Since every post is better with a photo here is one I just came across from our engagement shoot with Fresh Photos 3 years ago. How time flies.  Have a good rainy monday

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Okanagan Engagement Photographer: Owen & Abby

A little town with a lot of unique personality. Greenwood is right on the border of the Okanagan and the Kootenays. Full of turn of the century buildings and facades used for the movie setting "Snow Falling On Cedars" it was the perfect locale for our June photo shoot. June was more like Junuary for most of us here in B.C this year but one of our only sunny days happened to be the day we went out for this shoot.

Owen & Abby are an adorable couple. The comfort level they have with each other makes my job so easy. I never had to worry about coaxing a smile out of Abby because one little snuggle or look from Owen and she was all smiles. Owen and Abby have been engaged for a couple of months now, and as the story I heard goes he couldn't wait another moment to make her his fiancee. He jumped out of the car and proposed to her on a whim. How cute is that!

We are looking forward to shooting your wedding out at Fort Steele this August. Thanks for having such a fun and silly string time with us.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On breakfast in bed

    Why do we always forget how simple it is to do something nice? The other day I decided to make breakfast in bed for Kel on a whim. It really consisted of an egg on toast with some cereal and coffee and took about 5 mins to make. Add a little flower and put it on a tray and voila. Its amazing how simple something sweet for someone can be. The grin I got as he woke up to food was completely worth it.. i have never met someone who loves food as much as my husband. Cuzco was the most excited I have seen him since he realized we could swim without drowning. Combining our bed with food, his two favorite things, was almost to much for the little guy. So here are a few other little things that made me smile lately.

If I ever get an iphone this may come soon after

I will end on this video. My friend Tamara showed it too me awhile ago and it killed me. Now every time I come across it again I watch it at least 5 times