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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Musings: On Sequins and JLO

     I am definitely the definition of a tom-boy. I grew up raising cows, butchering chickens ( gasp) driving snowmobiles, and riding horses. That really is just one side of me though. The other half is EX-tremely girlie. I love makeup, hair, clothes, and get way to emotionally invested in reality shows, they must be in love it's called REALITY

     These two sides of me are constantly at war with each other. I am always trying to figure out what is important to me, on any given day. Both sides came to fisticuffs a couple of days ago in the mall and girlie won out. I have ventured past this store dozens of times always drawn to this gold V backed sequin dress. I would linger, considering whether or not to go in, when my other side would give me an internal slap. "Sequins realllyyy! What is this Texas? Am I trying to be besties with Dolly Parton!! Where would I ever wear that?"
     Finally though while eating a burger with Kel at the food court, I had this crazy impulse to get to that store and try on that dress. I hoped it would help me realize how ridiculous I looked, and felt in it and all the drama would go away. Funny thing though, I put it on and it felt and looked like liquid gold. No really I felt like JLo meets Beyonce. Like I actually had for the first time enough curves to " Back it up like a tonka truck....dale ( or Dolly :P). I put the dress back but I still can't quite let it go. It might just end up as my special date night dress someday. 

Here are a few other things that have made me ridiculously happy or frustrated lately

* Beaver Tails : I first found these in Banff and more recently here in Vancouver. If your Canadian and haven't had one yet GET ON IT. For a few split seconds I felt like it had changed my life..although this pinterest pic really doesn't give it justice.

Source: via Whitney Lane on Pinterest

* Jango: Now all of you in the US have been spoiled with Pandora. I used to use Pandora until we had the frustrating message that our IP address is outside of the USA. But now I have discovered Jango and my days are full of wonderful new music which keeps me dancing while I work.

* Golden Sequins: Obviously make me feel like a rockstar

* Iced Coffee:  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it works like a charm

- Frustrated by:

-Parking Tickets!: Deep Cove is so busy in the summer that finding parking by our house is virtually impossible and the Policia ( well i guess there not actually police) keep ticketing us.

- Sad news on the news :(

- How much I suck at Dance Dance Revolution ( I totally got schooled by my 25 year old 6'5 white boy of a cousin... guess i'm no Jlo)

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