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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Itemizing my life: The Ring

     Summer often climaxes with a whirlwind rush of company, which I love. This also signifies me running around like a crazy person trying to get the house in order. I always seem to miss the spring cleaning memo. While in the middle of my cleaning/organizing binge I reached into one of my  drawers and felt something familiar. I love it when you find something that instantly transports you and makes you smile. This simple little flower ring all black and sparkly was a gift from someone I miss with all my heart. 

     I have gone to Nicaragua twice to do self supporting missionary work over the years and always to the same little town. Irma is a vivacious, bubbly, and always happy girl I have watched grow from teenager to young woman. When we first met she was only 15 and even though her english was little and my spanish was nil, we just knew we were friends instantly. This last time I was in Nica before I left she gave me this little ring. She told me it had been given to her by her grandmother in America. I was so touched but could not even consider taking something so special from her. She insisted saying she had already told her family and that it was important to her that I have it. This blew me away. She who lives in a country that we all consider developing and who very much lives like a local Nicaraguan felt that she wanted to give me something special. I learnt such a lesson in friendship, compassion and selflessness from her. She is my  pseudo adopted little sister and will always be Kel and I's family. Love you Irma and I hope we can visit again soon.

We have moved and simplified the things we have owned so much over the years that I have really only kept things that have a memory or story attached to it. This includes jewellery, clothes, and art. When it comes to re- prioritizing what I own there are still some things I can't bear to let go of.

This was taken around the last time I saw Irma

Such a cute ring

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