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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On breakfast in bed

    Why do we always forget how simple it is to do something nice? The other day I decided to make breakfast in bed for Kel on a whim. It really consisted of an egg on toast with some cereal and coffee and took about 5 mins to make. Add a little flower and put it on a tray and voila. Its amazing how simple something sweet for someone can be. The grin I got as he woke up to food was completely worth it.. i have never met someone who loves food as much as my husband. Cuzco was the most excited I have seen him since he realized we could swim without drowning. Combining our bed with food, his two favorite things, was almost to much for the little guy. So here are a few other little things that made me smile lately.

If I ever get an iphone this may come soon after

I will end on this video. My friend Tamara showed it too me awhile ago and it killed me. Now every time I come across it again I watch it at least 5 times


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  1. Ha isn't that funny about the straws!!! You totally remembered! Jay and my anniversary is coming up so I will be sure to give him breakfast in bed. Big hugs to you Whitney.