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Friday, August 24, 2012

On Fall & Mashed Potatoes

    At some point in elementary school ( no idea what kind of class) a group of us little girls sat around as the teacher explained to us the importance of color tone and dressing according to the season we matched. I don't remember who the teacher was...but her methods if i remember were um interesting. My teacher went around the room letting us all know what season we matched. So to start with the pretty blonde girl with blue eyes was a summer, obviously. Then the mysterious raven haired girl with ivory skin was a winter. Spring was a fresh faced green eyed girl and then it was my turn. "You Whitney, are a Fall". Now remember I was young and lived in Northern Canada so to me being told I was a fall was EXTREMELY depressing. Fall was dead, brown, cold, and well  boring! I looked at all the other seasons sitting around me. Summer so fun and warm with trips to the lake and no school. Winter with her pretty snow and snow sports. Spring, well at least things started to grow! I was upset that these people seemed to own these other seasons and I was condemned to live a life plain, boring, and brown.

Yesterday I started to feel fall creeping back into our lives. That crispness in the air that makes you start to think about baking pies, bringing in the harvest ( yeah I lived on the praries. I  can pretend that I am a farmer), starting fresh, and winding down. I welcome Fall especially this year, I could use a break from our hectic pace. Don't forget too the cute jackets, boots, and cozy sweaters. I do love wearing me some brown it matches my season.

Here are some other things that have been creeping around in my life this week.

This turtle makes Kel snort laugh every time he see's it.

I wish that in my latino community work this actually happened more often

The only way to ever think about this again

And just because I am dreaming about vacationing

Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. What teacher would do such a thing????? Dumb A _ _ !!! I hope you are having a lovely summer ...... I too can feel that autumn air coming in. I do feel like we got cut short because of the rainy June. Ah well. Would love to hear what your summer brought you.