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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vancouver Wedding Photograpy: Second Shooting with FRESH

Just about every year since I picked up a camera I have had the opportunity to go on a shoot with Carmen Adams of Fresh Photos. It has been so fun to look back over the years and see both of our styles and photography grow and change. I love the opportunity to second shoot at weddings because it gives me the chance to sit back and reflect on the art. On any typical wedding day their are a million different things going through your mind. Posing, timing, people skills, schedules, set up's, bridal parties etc.. Having to think technically, artfully, and come across bubbly is a fairly crazy multi tasking event! Taking a step back. Looking at interesting angles to approach the situation, and looking for the art is a nice change of pace.

This wedding made thinking 'art' so easy. The bride, a graphic designer, infused art throughout their entire wedding day. Even the ceremony took place at an arts and crafts boutique it was so adorable!. The details were to die for and the food at the reception has stuck with me. I now have a new favorite place for date nights.

To see more of S+K's amazing day check out FRESH Photos awesome images complete with a stop motion film at http://freshphotos.blogspot.ca/2012/08/sharon-kevin-stop-motionesque.html.

Make sure to check out her other posts as well this particular wedding has had a double feature so far!
This Cat was giving me Blue Steel

 Such an incredibly unique location for a ceremony- Brides take note! 

Cutest First Kiss ever

My new fave place in this city

Such a fun group of people

 Thanks so much to Carmen Adams for bringing me along and making me part of the FRESH team for a day. It was an honor and I'll share escargot with you anyway ( wink)

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