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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dutch Dopplegangers

   Holland...  It is such an interesting country. The baked goods and pastry's themselves are enough to make you want to visit again and again. I tried to get involved in the pickled herring but something about mimicking a pelican in the way you gulp it down your throat whole turned me off of it. The Netherlands is such a unique country. The entire country is filled with roads for bicycles complete with their own lights to control traffic. When I say traffic I mean it. There are far more bicycles then vehicles. At night you see hundreds of thousands of bicycles in the parkade awaiting their riders for the next day.

I am extremely jealous of the Dutch especially the women. I never saw anyone the slightest bit overweight the entire time I was in the country. I think we all need to get on the bicycle bandwagon. In a country that rains wayyy more then Vancouver and is windy too, almost all people commute from town to city and to work by bicycle. The women have legs of iron and the elderly pass you with an insane ease that made my puffing out of breath self extremely embarrassed. Guess I better sign up for some spinning classes when I get home. We rented Dutch bicycles, they are super cute, and rode 23 km to see some of the countryside. I loved the fields full of sheep, and the random windmills, and castles you know you stereotypically will come across. The canals really take your breath away.

Amsterdam is an extreme example of amazing canals. The city has a beauty about it and a mellow laid back feel mixed with the insane whiz of bicycles that almost run you over. The mellowness may be due to the tolerance and legalization of marijuana in Amsterdam. Everyone always seemed to be  in such a great mood lol. Coffee shops selling pot not coffee are everywhere. Summing the city up it sounds more like a concert of sex drugs and... well not rock and roll but we did hear some pretty good jazz music one night.

One thing that really amazed me was how many people looked like people I knew. Everyone from friends, to people I went to school with to old boyfriends I saw their dopplegangers everywhere! I never realized how strong the Dutch genes were until I visited. I was reminded of people I hadn't seen in 10 years because all of a  sudden their Dutch twin walked down the street. They really are gorgeous and I had doppleganger dutch envy. Why was I not born blonde and blue eyed? I mean I do have sweedish in me!!
All in all Holland was an interesting beginning to our Euro adventure.


  1. Very cool and I love your photos!
    I've never thought of going to Amsterdam unless I had a layover there on my way to another European destination but your images certainly make me think twice. The architecture is lovely.

    I agree with you on the Herring. I heard that the food in Amsterdam isn't the most appealing but the pastries look good.
    i think I'll join you in the spin classes :S Time to get back into a routine for the coming Winter.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Looks like you're having an amazing trip Whit! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Stunning. :)

  3. Oh man Murissa you should go just to have the pies strudels and waffles. Totally different style of eating for you to blog about :P. We really only went there because of a lay over as well. It's a cheap way to enter the EU and it really only takes a couple of days to see a lot