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Monday, September 10, 2012

Say YES to Work- Cations

That sweet smell of airports that reminds you of nerves, and adrenaline. We are winging our way to Amsterdam in a few minutes to have an adventure I have wanted to take since I was 13. Normally the typical Euro- trip is done out of high school or college but I always ended up in completely different parts of the world. I never found the right travel girls to go with.

We were e-mailed back in May with the prospect of shooting a wedding in London this fall. I literally was jumping up and down in front of Kel becaue I was happy, not throwing a tantrum haha. Having a reason to go do some backpacking in Europe and getting to photograph, what will be obviously be, a stunning posh wedding in London. I was beside myself... clearly I needed to be sedated I was so ridiculously  excited. It has been a crazy busy summer for us and we are really looking forward to our work-cation in Europe sans Cuzco  of course i'm going to miss my little muppet dog. Stay tuned to the blog for some new stories and photos from our newest adventure.


1 comment:

  1. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity Whitney.
    I always have that issue of trying to find the right people to go with. I usually end up taking my sister but our intentions don't always align which can cause some real testy arguments but on the flip side it also gets me out of my comfort zone.

    I am sure you'll have a great time! I went with my boyfriend in 2010 and it was a learning curve but sounds like you two have a lot of experience under you belts. Can't wait to see your photography!
    Have fun & enjoy the food!