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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

European Photography Adventure: You say Venezia I say Venice

Once in awhile you visit a place that makes you feel like you stepped right out of one of your dreams. Venice is one such place. From the first moment I saw it I knew I would have to come back. It was surreal that people actually got to live somewhere so beautiful, that this wasn't disneyland. Wandering through the tiny alley ways their is a darkness about the city that transports you back in time. It is a toss up as to what is more beautiful Venice by day or by night.  Now my favorite city, I  hope we can go back someday and enjoy another bottle of Prosecco on a street that dead ends on a canal.  Maybe even for a wedding. Can you imagine how beautiful the wedding photography would be!!!

1 comment:

  1. I miss Venice! It was such a gorgeous place.
    Some people find it too packed with tourists but if you leave the typical tourist spots and roam around getting lost you'll find pockets of intimacy where history comes alive.

    Lovely images!