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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Songs: A first dance resource

When we were getting married the only decision I found extremely hard to make, and so let Kel decide, was our wedding song. Growing up I had all these visions of " Etta James", "Frank Sinatra, "The Spice Girls"( hey they were cool to preteens in the 90's) singing away as my new husband and I danced a perfectly choreographed dance in front of a ballroom of people. I had a really big imagination.  When the day actually came I couldn't decide if classic was to cliche. I was also worried that if we went mainstream in a few years I would hate the song. I think I was reading into the song too much (thanks a lot JLO, the Wedding Planner scarred me) In the end we went with one of Kel's favorite songs by the "Black Keys" and I'm happy to say I still love that song.

Here are some random ideas trending on twitter that might help you pick your wedding song.

* A thousand years: Cristina Perri

* I won't give up: Jason Mraz

* I want to grow old with you: Westlife ( for notebook lovers)

* Kiss me : ed sheeran

* Marry Me: Train

* Stay: Rihanna

* Strange & Beautiful: Aqualung (classic)

* Here comes your man: Meghan Smith

* All I know: five for fighting

* I do: Colbie Caillat

* Crash Into Me: Dave Matthews Band (classic)

*Cowboys and angels: Dustin Lynch ( for a country vibe)

I hope you find your perfect first dance!

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  1. What a useful tool you have given to your clients ...... I so needed inspiration for the music we used for our wedding. I love Rhiana so she'd be my pic out of the mix. Hubs and I picked Louis Armstrong A Beautiful World for our first dance. Kinda random and over used but we thought it was a classic one. Whitney, you have a wonderful Christmas, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with your new website. When is it going to be up????? XO