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I'm Whitney Lane Arnett, and I am a Photographer based in North Vancouver B.C Canada. At least I will be soon. I have not exactly been calling anywhere home for the past 6 months. I am a bit of a nomad and have been living and traveling all over the world with my husband Kelly.I  am fascinated with being able to stop moments in time and relive them over and over. Photography for me is a way of recording the stories of my life the stories my eyes were able to see whether it be the story of someone's wedding day, the story of a mother with her newborn, the story of a family growing up or the story of a culture trying to remain true to itself despite the world changing. All of your stories help add to the story I get to record of my life and looking at others photos help me remember the moments in time that I had the ability to capture before they disappeared so that we can all relive them together.