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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seattle Escape

We were feeling the need to get out of town last week. One thing I have really missed about living in B.C was living near the border. Now that we are in Vancouver we are only 30 mins from the border and still had not jumped across for a shopping/get-away. Finally after about 3 failed attempts we managed to leave work behind and make a run for the border. We shopped the outlets until my A.D.D got the best of me. We always try to do one touristy thing when we get out of town, so this time that meant Pike Place,the public market in Seattle. It was a photographers paradise down there. Unique crafts, fresh food, and the first ever Starbucks. What more could you want on a snowy/cold March day.....



the hotel actually had leopard print robes! Of course I wore mine the whole time...


Pike's Place Public Market


Such a handsome man ;)

And finish with an ode to starbucks


Monday, March 26, 2012

Belinda- Contemporary Portrait Photography

After being inspired by the great Sue Bryce I decided to try my hand at some contemporary Portrait Photography. Belinda is the sweetest girl with a heart of gold. I wanted to show her sweet personality while showcasing her amazingly beautiful features as well. I loved the result! I want to give a shout out to my assistant + hair/makeup stylist Kaylee Cassavant for all of her hard work and amazing abilities at taking my idea and bringing it to life. I know there are a lot of women out there who would love to have a day away from the office, or the kids and feel like a supermodel, and I also know that they idea of getting in front of a camera scares you to death. Most people I talk to feel they need to go to the gym for at least 3 months before ever attempting this. I am here to say love you for who you are today and I promise to show you how great you look! I would love to do a glamour/boudoir portrait day complete with makeovers. If anyone out there is interested please contact me via my website and we will make this day happen.

Until then Enjoy these shots





Friday, March 9, 2012

Art History 101

Lately I have really felt the need to delve into history. Modern history is where most of my gaps are, because I have always had an avid interest in ancient history. So I have been on the prowl for some good books to give me a good overview of history in general. I was speaking with a friend about this desire I have and she asked me if I had ever looked into Art History? Now the closest thing I could think of to me looking into Art History was watching Julia Roberts teach it in Mona Lisa Smile. My friend had actually gone to university and had been pursuing Art History as her major in life until she had a personal crisis and had to quit. She said some things that really stuck with me though. ``The only thing we really know about history is through the art that we find``. Also you get a very unbiased view of what was going on during a particular time in history because you are looking at history through a common artists eyes. In photography I like to think of myself as artistic and to one day feel confident in saying I am an artist, and looking at so much art throughout history and how it grew is making me have a much deeper appreciation for art. My friend gave me a book, so thick it could be a booster seat for any child at a table, called ``Art through the ages``. I have been treating it like my very own university course ever since. It has amazed me to see how not only sculpture, pottery, and paint were art forms that could teach you so much about what a civilization was thinking about at the time, but also how architecture, and floor plans can all be considered art. It is really the most interesting way to get an overview of history. So with that being said I am going to start sharing some of the interesting pieces of art that I come across and study with all of you. Looking deeper at each piece and comparing it to other civilizations and influences really shows you how art grows and how much there is to see in art that we may not take the time to stop and look at. So stay tuned!