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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wonderful Whistler

Blinded, sore, exhausted, cold, wet, but completely and utterly happy. Only snowboarding at whistler, can things you would normally equate with being miserable, cause you to feel like you are on cloud 9. Kelly, our friend Alex, and I had been planning on a day up at whistler for months. Being the stubborn one and wanting picture perfect weather, I wanted us to wait for a perfect sunny day before we went. It was the first time for all of us to board this world renown ski hill, and it did not disappoint.

The weather did not co-operate with me at all. It was snowing incredibly hard, and the visibility was so bad that I could not see a foot in front of me. Although terrible for photos, the powder made for an epic day of boarding, and made me never want to go to any other hill other then whistler, blackcomb again. The snow did let up down towards the bottom of the hill which allowed me to bring out my faithful old canon rebel and take a few shots of our fun filled exhausting day.

whistler (2 of 13)
`` The three crazies battling it out with the snow``

whistler (1 of 13)

whistler (3 of 13)

whistler (4 of 13)
``The husband``

whistler (6 of 13)

This was Alex`s first major year of boarding... his guts kicked mine`s butt

whistler (7 of 13)
My attempt at being awesome.. which really failed to impress

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Get to check that off of the list

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I just need to stop and say that I LOVE the Sea to Sky Highway. It is my favorite drive. I stop the car at least 5 times whenever we are on it.
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Have a good one people`s

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