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Monday, October 15, 2012

Chloe & Rory London England Wedding l International Wedding Photographer

She sat in her London England flat drinking champagne with rasberries, completely calm and posh. When questioned if she was nervous she replied "not at all, I feel quite well actually". The details of her wedding were adorable. Going to the London Flower Market the day before the wedding she had hand picked the flowers that would be included in her bouquet. He went with all his best mates for a traditional english breakfast. With too many great friends in his life he dubbed 9 of them all ushers and chose to forego traditional groomsmen.

Their vows and later speeches were full of emotion with the usual British wit and humour ending up in lots of laughter. Chloe & Rory, or as their friends refer to them "Chlory", were all smiles as they celebrated with champagne and photographs.

The reception took place in the English countryside  at the 'Botley Hill Farmhouse'. Surrounded by rolling hills, fields, and dozens of sheep we settled into the quaint building with it's royal studded history starting in the early 1500's.  A big part of "Chlory's" love story revolved around their love of dance. The night was complete with a live swing band, Guiness, and the lighting of floating lanterns into the night sky.

Thanks so much for including us on such an amazing day. It will always be a favorite wedding of ours

 Chloe you are so gorgeous

To see more of Chloe and Rory's wedding day click the link HERE to open in it's own window or watch the slideshow below.


  1. What a wonderful wedding in the country! I love how she selected her flowers at the market the day before the wedding. Great job Whitney. Can't wait to see more of your travels through Europe!


  2. Whitney- you are an amazing photographer!!!

  3. Thanks Murissa. I was hoping to make it to the market with her. It would have made me feel so Eliza Doolittle :P