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Monday, November 12, 2012

On Sewing Kits and Photo Albums

I have always liked the idea of creating gifts for people. When I was 8 years old I felt this crazy urge to create from scratch anniversary gifts for my parents. For some reason I thought, because I happened to own a mini sewing kit, I could create these amazing masterpieces. A beautiful pillow for my mom's bed and a tie to beat all ties for my dad. Turns out the Martha Stewart meets Mrs. Brady gene ( have you met my mom?) skipped a generation. In all honesty the tie for my dad looked more like the pillow then the pillow did. The pillow though did have an incredible picture of a cat on it.

Setting my craft skills aside I do love packaging up albums for clients. Thanks to Iris Books I had the pleasure of packaging up some BEA utiful albums for one of our clients. These albums are so classy and full of color that they make me want to do a happy dance. I feel strangely possessive of them like I want to decorate my whole house in colourful leather. With digital images causing a lot of people to forget to print off their wedding pictures, beautiful albums like this help you to get those images off your computer and out where you can see them.


  1. Lovely and such a nice finishing touch on your clients' photos!


  2. You are so darn creative my friend!!! Looks really good and professional. I have to tell you also that I am loving these nice little twinkly lights on your blog banner. Makes me happy 8}