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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kisses and Disses - First Edition

This weekend marks the second time since I have been married that I have been away from kel. You would think it would get easier with time but I believe it is actually harder since you have gotten used to having that person around all the time. To keep my mind occupied I have been working and perusing the internet for interesting new ideas. I happened across a photographers blog I am new to following and fell in love with one of her ideas. Kisses & Disses. Every week she lists the things that she discovered or made her happy and the things that didn't have a great effect. I have been thinking about doing something like this for awhile but I didn't want to do a things I love day etc.. because many of my other blogger friends already have those. So I give you the Canadian edition of Kisses & Disses.....

This weeks Disses go too..
* Husbands being out of town
* Surviving on canned soup and tea due to said husband leaving me with no vehicle.
* Dengue Fever. It is pure evil

This weeks kisses go too....
* Autumn photoshoots
*Dr.House keeping me entertained
*Jasmine Star of O.C for all her bright ideas www.jasminestarblog.com


  1. jasmine star is one of my favorite photographers. i got to hear her speak at WPPI roadtrip in seattle and let me tell you, she's even better in person. her and her husband JD are such hardworking and real people. im glad you've discovered her too. she's such an inspiration. :)

  2. That's cool I find her very business savvy. She is one of the blogs I follow now for business inspiration. I want to get to WPPI eventually. Life is a little to busy with other goals though for the next couple of years.