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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dog Day`s are still here.

A lot of people have mentioned that they want an update on Cuzco, my 6 month old Boxweiler puppy. Cuzco is the little part of our family that has the ability to make us so mad, and then melt you instantly with his little wrinkly face and big brown completely stereotypical puppy dog eyes. Lately he has started his teenage rebellion stage.. or terrible two`s i`m not sure where he is at in dog years. Whenever he is impatient he starts to grumble at you and then emitsa high pitched squeal that only Mariah Carey could ever rival.

We never had is tail chopped as a puppy, and as a result it is starting to resemble a lion`s. At the end there is about 2 inches of just hair not attached to the tail that I really want to back comb so that he really does look like a lion cub. For awhile there he was a bit obsessed with his own tail, as most dogs are. It actually got to the point where he pulled himself out of the room sideways by his own tail, looking at us completely confused by what was happening. He is a very socialized dog, and loves playing in the park. It is impossible to convince him to go into the ocean. The other dogs all run in after balls or sticks or eachother, and Cuzco will just sit on the bank and watch them as if they were all idiots.

We have created a bit of a monster. He is still trying to convince Kel to let him sit on his lap while driving. This no longer works since he is now tall enough to see over the dash on his own. Everytime we get in the jeep though he just assumes that is his position. Cuzco also had his first encounter with a horse on the trail`s last weekend. It went so well that he did not want to leave the horse`s side. He actually followed the horse happy as can down the opposite trail we were going on. Poor Kel had to try and convince him to come back. It took awhile.

All in all he is a fun pooch to have around. His strange idiosyncrasies like sleeping only on his back or side with his head propped up, make us love him even more.


  1. he is sooooo beautiful! thanks for posting this! he still has his puppy face, just in grown-up form now. awweeeeee - billy and jess

  2. He is sooo beautiful! Look at his face! It's just like his puppy face, but on a grown up body. Love him. Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. What a cutey. I`d love to have a dog, they`re great motivation to running, something I lack this very blustery day:) Lovin the new sites!