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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mileydi Rojas- Entrepreneur Jewellery Creator

Mileydi Rojas- Doesn`t that name just scream classy. I suppose classy people do not scream, they elevate their voice ever so slightly, but you get the picture. I have written about my friend Mileydi before on this blog. She is a local Kel and I met while doing volunteer work in Nicaragua last year. She is an inspiring, beautiful, smart young woman who does not let anything hold her back.

Mileydi supports herself and her family, drives a motorcycle in stilettos to work, and can drive a vehicle (something most men in her country have no learnt how to do). Mileydi has been trying to find a way to support herself and her family without leaving her home, country, and family to be work in the U.S. One way she is trying to do this is by starting up a handmade jewellery company. It was a huge challenge to start up this business. I think we take for granted the ability to just use a credit card and start any account or website online that we want. She now has her jewellery available on her own personal business page on Etsy. I am so proud of her for sticking with this idea, and really hope all the best for her.

Please support her by visiting her site and taking a look around at all of her little creations.

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