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Thursday, August 9, 2012

These Happy Golden Years

Laura Ingalls Wilder's adventures were a staple in most young girl's lives growing up. I know both my mother and I read them as little girls. Although things were a lot more advanced when I was a little girl, I always liked that I could compare my mother and grandmothers childhoods to Laura's. No my family did not live in North Dakota but we did live in northern British Columbia Canada close the the Alaskan Panhandle. My family built their houses. Lived without electricity, baked everything and learnt how to survive harsh winters.

This past weekend my family celebrated my Grandma & Grandpa's 50th Wedding Anniversary in Valemount B.C. Looking around it is amazing to think that so many still young faces came out of the north of B.C and really learnt so many valuable skills and lessons from it. My Grandparents are such a good example of sticking with each other through thick and thin and never giving up but giving back to others instead. What a great example to all WL wedding clients. We had an incredibly fun ( and hot) weekend with the all our family, and friends so close they may as well be family. Thanks to all my aunts and my mom for all the hard work you put into the weekend.

 Family made and prepared everything

 The Golden Couple

The Whole Family: I bravely handed off my camera for this one.I know not everyone is looking but Portia ( aka the cutie petutie in the front row) is which is such a rarity in any big group photo that I had to use this one

Ciao Everyone

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  1. oh i love the detail shots whit. but of course i would, they're bright & white;) great job & congratulations on growing up w/ such a legacy!
    - carmen