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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canadian Road Trippin

  Some may think it always seems like we are on a road trip. You have to remember thought that we are Canadian, and it doesn't really classify as a road trip unless you are going 7+ hours one way. In reality to get most places in Canada you will have to cross at least one mountain pass, and will most likely see some sort of wildlife ( bear, moose, elk) on the way. This past weekend we took a trip with my brother and sister in law up to the rockies for my Grandparents 50th Anniversary. 

I love road trips.. for the first 3 hours. At first it seems exciting. New music on the ipod, an excuse to eat all the terrible foods you could ever think of, it's impossible to eat healthy on the road have you ever seen something other then a nut bar at a gas station?Then the novelty starts to wear off and you end up exhausted overly air conditioned and I honestly think the freon starts to go to your head. The kinds of conversations you start to get into are ridiculous. I am sure we talked for at LEAST an hour about elephants. The life and times and loves of an elephant. Everything also seems so much more funny when you have been in a car for 7 hours.

So after all that driving and 2 days of good food and family we went for a little jaunt into the rockies to try and wear off all that junk food. Thank goodndess for Heather's packed sandwhiches saving me from Mcdonalds disaster or I would have had to hike Mt. Robson. 

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